Download e-book for iPad: A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey: Volume II: Books IX-XVI by Alfred Heubeck, Arie Hoekstra

By Alfred Heubeck, Arie Hoekstra

ISBN-10: 0198721447

ISBN-13: 9780198721444

This moment quantity of a major three-volume remark compiled by means of a world group of students comprises specific discussions of diction within the Odyssey and the culture of epic diction in most cases.

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Sister Uli-cia’s head whipped back and forth. Kahlan thought he very well might break her neck. She wished he would; then there would be one less Sister for Kahlan to worry about. ” When the emperor glared at her, she added. ” Jagang considered Sister Armina’s words, looking none too happy about them, but not arguing, either. “First day…” Sister Ulicia moaned. Jagang pulled her a little closer. ” “Winter… winter… winter,” Sister Ulicia mumbled. Jagang looked around, frowning at those in the room, as if asking them to explain it.

Now Jagang had captured the Sisters and he had possession of the sinister black boxes. Two of them, anyway. Sister Tovi had started ahead with the first of the three boxes. Now she was dead and the box she’d had was missing. Kahlan had killed Sister Cecilia. That left Sisters Ulicia and Armina, out of her four original captors. Of course, Jagang had other Sisters under his control. ” Jagang asked as he stared off toward the palace atop the plateau. It wasn’t entirely clear if he was asking the Sisters for an answer, or if he was merely thinking out loud.

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