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By Malcolm M. Willcock

ISBN-10: 0226898555

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People who find themselves capable of learn Homer in Greek have abundant recourse to commentaries, however the overwhelming majority who learn the Iliad in translation haven't been so good served—the many to be had translations comprise few, if any, notes. For those readers, Malcolm M. Willcock presents a line-by-line observation that explains the numerous real info, mythological allusions, and Homeric conventions pupil or common reader couldn't be anticipated to deliver to an preliminary stumble upon with the Iliad.

The notes, which regularly relate to specific strains within the textual content, have as their leading goal the easy, authentic rationalization of items the green reader will be not likely to have at his or her command (What is a hecatomb? who's Atreus' son?). moment, they increase an appreciation of the Iliad by way of illuminating epic type, Homer's tools of composition, the constitution of the paintings, and the characterization of the key heroes. The "Homeric Question," in regards to the beginning and authorship of the Iliad, is additionally discussed.

Professor Willcock's statement is predicated on Richmond Lattimore's translation—regarded via many because the awesome translation of the current generation—but it can be used profitably with different models in addition. This in actual fact written remark, together with a superb pick out bibliography, will make one of many touchstones of Western literature available to a much broader viewers.

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