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By Alan M. Stevens

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This moment variation of A finished Indonesian-English Dictionary brings the hugely winning first version modern with 1000s of latest entries in enterprise, legislations, and finance, in addition to really good terminology within the fields of know-how, engineering, mining, and development. according to 5 years of study, together with enter from clients, this re-creation deals readers the most up-tp-date details on names of political events, acronyms for presidency workplaces, Islamic phrases, colloquial pronunciations, and abbreviated varieties utilized in blogs and e mail. As with the unique variation, the dictionary is designed to be as trouble-free as attainable. Root phrases, meanings, proverbs, idioms, compounds that commence with the basis observe, and derivatives are given. millions of pattern sentences from fundamental assets illustrate which means and utilization; no sentences are invented, making sure entire authenticity and reliability. the recent variation, observed through a CD-ROM, is vital for reference libraries, in addition to scholars and students of Indonesian.

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FOR OTHER PLANT NAMES BEGINNING WITH AKAR SEE THE SPECIFIC NAME. – angin aerial root. – apung ¶oating root. o. marine plant, black coral, used as medicine and for making into bracelets, Plexaura sp. – banir buttress root. – batu a fungus rhizomorph used as a bracelet against evil spirits. o. climber, Sarcolobus globosus. – belit twining root, tendril. o. plant, St. Thomas’s bean, matchbox bean, Entada phaseoloides. – benang ¤liform root. – besar blue sky ¶ower/vine, blue trum­ pet vine, Thunbergia grandi¶ora.

Kepalang – poorly taught. masak – courteous, polite, correct in behavior. kurang – a) ill-bred, rude, impolite, impudent, impertinent, insolent, un­ mannerly, having no manners, uncultured. b) (exclamation of annoyance). For heaven’s sake! kekurang-ajaran impolite­ness, rudeness. belajar 1 to study. Ia ~ pelajarannya. He is studying his lesson. ~ dengan bantuan komputer [BDBK] computer-aided instruc­ tion, CAI. ~ keluar negeri to study abroad. ~ kepada to go to ... to study, be apprenticed to, learn from.

12 teragung most noble. keagungan 1 grandeur, magnitude, loftiness, sublimity. menun­ jukkan ~ to lord it over (others). 2 highness, majesty. 3 pres­ tige. 4 mastery. pengagung zealous defender of, apostle for. pengagungan veneration, glori¤cation. pengagung-agungan idolization. agung II (ob) gong. agung III teragung → RAGUNG. agus I 1 title in Banten conferred on descendants of radéns married to women of lower nobility (short for bagus). 2 title given by parents to their young sons. mas – title lower than tubagus (short for ratu bagus), the highest title in Banten, carried by the male descendants in the female line of the former Sultans.

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