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By Walter E. Crum

ISBN-10: 159752333X

ISBN-13: 9781597523332

Vital for college students of the Coptic Language. issues have occurred for the reason that its unlock although, for you to are looking to mix with a few more moderen lexica. Very thorough, yet with a unique alphabetical method in line with the consonant roots of the phrases.

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8 STROKES 205 RANK 1167] 帕 帕 handkerief towel  white  A special cloth whi is white⁉ How mu clearer can these components be! is is a handkerief. [8 STROKES RANK 1519] pà BF 206 帛 帛 silk white  towel  e symbolism of white cloth is clear—su fancy duds could only be silk. [8 STROKES RANK 3682] Both aracters 帕 and 帛 (§§ and ) use the same components but place them differently. Keep them straight in our mind by remembering that silk is famous for the elegance of the way it handles—it drapes beautifully.

E verticals represent the horns and the sides of the head. A horizontal stroke shows the top of the head. Sometimes, as we see here, the component includes a short stroke connecting the boom of the verticals—the base of the head. CMP 101 革 革 animal hide horned animal  mouth  ten  1 When you skin a horned animal to get its hide, there are lots of cutouts in the leather representing places where the poor animal used to have four hooves, two eyes, one nose, one actual mouth, and two ears. ese openings are like mouths in the hide, and there are ten of them .

E huge Buddhist temple ahead of you is a literal life-saver, as everybody recognizes it as a place of refuge. When you get there, you are so exhausted, you need your hand to be able to grasp the walls of the structure for support. [9 STROKES RANK 357] special, unusual ox  Buddhist temple  Buddhists don’t eat meat. e circumstances are special indeed when you find cow meat in a Buddhist temple. [10 STROKES RANK 173] BF 216 耐 耐 bear, endure express add’l but contrasting info  in  e ‘dab’ in the ‘in’ component marks the sensitive spot near the wrist where you can feel your pulse.

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