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New PDF release: Philosophische Anfangsgründe der Quantenphysik

Thema dieses Buches sind die philosophischen Probleme der Quantenphysik. Gäbe es allgemein akzeptierte Lösungen für diese, würde guy nicht mehr von Problemen sprechen. Die Quantenphysik funktioniert, sie funktioniert ausgezeichnet. Aber im Unterschied zu einer anderen ausgezeichnet funktionierenden physikalischen Theorie, in der eine absolute, unhintergehbare Naturkonstante eine alles beherrschende Rolle spielt (der Relativitätstheorie), ist die Quantenphysik bis heute philosophisch nicht zufriedenstellend verstanden.

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Must I observe why I seek comfort? Is it because I am insufficient, I want comfort, I want a comfortable chair therefore I want a comfortable woman or a man, or whatever it is, a comfortable idea? I think most of us do. To have a comfortable, secure idea which can never be shaken, and to which I am deadly attached, and so anybody who says, nonsense to that I get angry, I get jealous, I get upset because he is shaking my house. So I say I don't have to go through all the investigation of all these various factors: I see it at one glance, I have captured it.

Do you see the difference in the two? The one imposed by me, the 'me' created by thought, then if I impose something on thought then there is conflict. Right? It is like a tyrannical government imposing on someone, but the government is what I have created. So we are asking: has thought realized its own littleness, its own pettiness, its own limitations; or is it pretending to be something extraordinary, noble? - you know, all the rest of it - divine? - which is nonsense because thought is memory, experience, remembrance.

Which is nonsense because thought is memory, experience, remembrance. So I must, in my dialogue there must be clarity about this point: that there is no outside influence imposing on thought saying it is limited. So thought then because there is no imposition - you understand - there is no conflict, therefore it realizes it is limited. Therefore whatever it does - its worship of god, its worship of Jesus, its worship is limited, shoddy, petty, though it has created marvellous cathedrals throughout Europe.

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