Edsger W. Dijkstra's A Discipline of Programming (Prentice-Hall Series in PDF

By Edsger W. Dijkstra

ISBN-10: 013215871X

ISBN-13: 9780132158718

Writer Edsger W. Dijkstra introduces A self-discipline of Programming with the assertion, "My unique thought was once to put up a few attractive algorithms in this kind of method that the reader may well savor their beauty." during this vintage paintings, Dijkstra achieves this target and accomplishes very much extra. He starts off by means of contemplating the questions, "What is an algorithm?" and "What are we doing after we program?" those questions lead him to an enticing digression at the semantics of programming languages, which, in flip, results in essays on programming language constructs, scoping of variables, and array references. Dijkstra then promises, as promised, a suite of gorgeous algorithms. those algorithms are some distance ranging, masking mathematical computations, several types of sorting difficulties, trend matching, convex hulls, and extra. simply because this is often an outdated publication, the algorithms provided are occasionally not the easiest to be had. even though, the price in interpreting A self-discipline of Programming is to take in and comprehend the way in which that Dijkstra thought of those difficulties, which, in many ways, is extra necessary than one thousand algorithms.

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12. GENERALIZING SHOR’S ALGORITHM 33 Then by the above definition, the map x j −→ g j ( j = 1, 2, . . , n) induces a unique epimorphism ν : F −→ G from F onto G. With this epimorphism, every HSP ϕ : G −→ S on the group G uniquely lifts to the HSP ϕ = ϕ ◦ ν : F −→ S on the free group F. Moreover, if K and K are the hidden subgroups of the HSPs ϕ and ϕ , respectively, the corresponding hidden quotient groups G/K and F/K of these two HSPs are isomorphic. Hence, every solution of the HSP ϕ : F −→ S immediately produces a solution of the original HSP ϕ : G −→ S.

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