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The sequence builds an intensive number of top of the range descriptions of languages all over the world. every one quantity deals a finished grammatical description of a unmarried language including totally analyzed pattern texts and, if acceptable, a glossary and different proper info that's on hand at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language kinfolk or sector, and even supposing unique recognition is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and worthy remedies of higher identified languages also are incorporated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the one criterion is a excessive usual of clinical caliber.

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In (26) below, illustrations are given of words with Id or /o/ in the first syllable of their root, followed by /i/ or /u/ in the second syllable. The phonetic forms show that Id and /o/ are neither lowered nor broken in such roots. 2. k bu | nggah ['mbe | ni] ['me | mu] ['po ki] ['ho ndu] [ka | '6i | la | ku] ['ßu | rjga | hu] 'be fierce/angry' 'to show off 'be blind' 'to bind/tie X' 'flash, lightning' 'to open X' Broken vowels must be distinguished from vowel sequences, because the syllabification of words with a sequence of Vj vk is different from words with a broken vowel.

2. Summary of root types In the previous sections we have seen that Kambera has the types of roots as they are summarised in (18a-g). (18a-c) are roots with two vowel positions, while the types in (18d-h) have three vowel positions. The types in (18i-l) are not attested. (18) a. (c)v cv b. nomu (c)VjVk \vai d. (c)v v cv paita e. (c)Vj Vj cv hili [hi:li] f. (C)V CV C(V) g. (C)Vj Vk CV C(V) akat(u) i. * (c)v * pi * u c. yu [yu:] h. \vaindal(u) j. * (c)v cv v * litau * ima: cVjVj (C)Vj Vj Vk C(V) raing(u) [ra:jrju] k.

Prosodically, the reduplicative prefix is an independent foot. Illustrations are given in (47). 'ra:-'ramba] The usual reduplicative form of hi: 'cry' is hi-hi: 'continue to cry' (cf. (46) above). If the reduplicated vowel is lengthened the reduplication has the more emphatic meaning 'continue to cry all the time'. Simple ta-'tata, as in (46), means 'shaking a lot', while 'ta:-'tata, as in (47) means something like 'keep on shaking heavily all the time'. Tatangar(u) means 'watch X for a bit', but 'ta:-'tangar(u) has a more emphatic meaning like 'watch X very intensively, study X'.

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