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By Lauren Haney

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The Gods blessed Lieutenant Bak, head of the Medjay police, with an extraordinary brilliance -- that is why he's the single to whom his commander turns in a time of want. The explorer Minnakht has vanished into the monstrous and cruel Egyptian desolate tract -- or maybe has strayed perilously just about Queen Maatkare Hatshepsut’s well-guarded turquoise mines -- and ahead of Bak sails north on a brand new project he's to find the lacking guy. yet evil is touring with him and his Medjays within the caravan they accompany eastward. a person -- or anything -- is chargeable for the unusual rash of deaths that's swiftly thinning the numbers in their fellow tourists. an easy look for a lacking adventurer turns into a twisted knot of treachery and blood -- person who threatens to strangle the lifestyles from Bak and his males and depart them buried for all eternity underneath the blistering sands.

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He had to know that he had no control over Bak and his Medjays. He might not wish them to join his caravan, but if they chose to walk a few paces ahead or behind and to camp close by, he could do nothing but fume. “Our donkeys won’t be loaded for at least a half hour. ” Bak stood with Senna and Psuro, watching the solitary donkey and drover plod south down the main wadi, taking the body of the unknown man to Kaine. It would be a long, hot trek for man and beast, but the rations token Bak had supplied, assuring a generous reward upon presentation to the nearest garrison quartermaster, should partly make up for so unpleasant a trek.

The night had been too short. Awakened by the donkey as Bak had been, the Medjays scrambled to their feet. Following his example, they looked around at a world they had not been able to see clearly in the moonlight. The plateau that edged the wadi to the west looked taller than it had in the night, and closer. The row of tamarisks followed the modern watercourse around a gentle bend to the north. The secondary wadi up which they would travel—for no more than three days if the gods smiled upon them—led off to the east through the gap they had seen the previous evening between the ridge and the mound they had skirted for much of their journey from Kaine.

Bak sipped his beer, savoring the last jar he would see in a long time. ” If Amonmose noticed the sudden interest among the members of Bak’s party, he gave no sign. “He swore he could show me a more direct and time-saving route between Kaine and my fishing camp. ” Delivering fish to Kemet and the great river that ran A PATH OF SHADOWS 35 through the heart of the land was very much like hauling rocks to a quarry, Bak thought. “He said if I’d meet him in Kaine, he’d show me the way,” Amonmose went on.

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