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By Ian Irvine

ISBN-10: 0446609846

ISBN-13: 9780446609845

With this gorgeous and unique debut, Ian Irvine starts the saga of The View from the reflect, a super epic delusion that competitors the works of Robert Jordan and J. V. Jones. "Once there have been 3 worlds, every one with its personal human race. Then, fleeing from out of the void got here a fourth race, the Charon. determined, at the fringe of extinction, they replaced the stability among the worlds forever..." the story of the Forbidding In precedent days the way in which among the Worlds was once shattered, leaving bands of Aachim, Faellem, and Charon trapped with the outdated people of Santhenar. Now Llian, a Chronicler of the nice stories, uncovers a 3,000-year-old mystery too lethal to be revealed-while Karan, a tender delicate, is forced by means of honor to adopt a deadly challenge. Neither can think they're going to quickly meet as hunted fugitives, snared within the machinations of immortals, the vengeance of warlords, and the magics of robust mancers. For the swelling deluge of a millennial struggle is emerging, bad as a tsunami, able to solid torrents of sorcery and devastation around the land...

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At the back he made out a single pale face in the crowd, a young woman staring at him so hard that it burned. He had moved one person, at least. Llian used all the magic of his voice and spoke directly to her. Shuthdar squinted out between the trees. Before him, on a promontory extending like a finger into the great lake, the rising sun illuminated a tower of yellow stone. As good a place as any to end it. He crashed through an archway, terrifying a family eating at a square table. Shuthdar bared ragged iron teeth, corroded things that mocked his once exquisite craftsmanship.

Once he might have cast her off the tower, delighting in his power and her pain, but not even cruelty gave him pleasure any more. “Poor man,” she sighed. “You are in such pain. ” he gasped. Red muck ran down his chin. She paled groping behind for the support of her chair. “Shuthdar! ” He pointed to the forest, now a semicircle of flame centered on the tower. “No one has more enemies than I do,” he said, and knew how pathetic was his pride. “See, already they come, burning all before them. ” His laughter was a mocking howl.

How am I to find a master? ” “Mendark? I imagine that he will call me when he wants me. I’m… afraid to go to him. ” “I would be afraid of what he wanted from me,” Thandiwe said softly. ” “How was it that he sponsored you? ” “No, I haven’t, because his name has earned me nothing but envy and blows. Mendark first came to our house when I was eight. We were a close family, though poor. ” “Two sisters,” she sighed. ” “Llayis, my father, is a scribe. He looks like me, though taller, and he hasn’t got much hair anymore.

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