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By Jiddu Krishnamurti, Allan W Anderson

At a time of remarkable outer switch within the political and social spheres, is there a primary internal switch that's demanded of every one in all us? within the eighteen dialogues with Professor Allan W Anderson, Emeritus Professor of spiritual stories at San Diego nation college. J. Krishnamurti shows that pinning our hopes on equipped faith, technology, political ideology or the industry economic climate not just fails to handle uncomplicated human difficulties yet truly creates them. They method out of our problems, Krishnamurti states, can purely begin within the brain of every one in all us, in an knowledge of how we really understand existence, ourselves and others. Professor Anderson, all through those dialogues, refers to many passages of Western and jap spiritual scriptures that he believes were misunderstood and which actually aid Krishnamurti's statements. The dialogues, reproduced in an edited and somewhat abridged model during this publication, happened at San diego country collage from 18 to twenty-eight February 1974.

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K: Yes sir.

ANDERSON 'RESPONSIBILITY' A: Mr Krishnamurti, in this series of conversations we have been exploring the general question of the transformation of man. A transformation, which as you say, is not dependent on knowledge or time. And, as I recall, we arrived at a point that was very crucial, namely the one concerned with relationship and communication. I remember one point in our conversation together that was extremely instructive for me, a point at which, when you asked me a question I began to answer it and you interrupted me and reminded the viewers and me, that the important thing here is, is not to finish out a theoretical construction but rather to attain to the right beginning point so that we do not go beyond where we haven't yet begun.

A: Exactly. Exactly. K: Communication implies there must be at the same level, at the same time, with the same intensity, we are walking together, we are thinking together, we are observing together, sharing together. A: Would you say that this requires an activity that underlies the speaking together, or does one come to the activity after one has started to speak together ? K: No sir. We are not saying that. What is the art of listening, aren't we? The art of listening implies, doesn't it, that there is not only the verbal understanding between you and me, because we are both speaking English, and we know the meaning of each word, more or less, and at the same time we are sharing the problem together, sharing the issue together.

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