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Thema dieses Buches sind die philosophischen Probleme der Quantenphysik. Gäbe es allgemein akzeptierte Lösungen für diese, würde guy nicht mehr von Problemen sprechen. Die Quantenphysik funktioniert, sie funktioniert ausgezeichnet. Aber im Unterschied zu einer anderen ausgezeichnet funktionierenden physikalischen Theorie, in der eine absolute, unhintergehbare Naturkonstante eine alles beherrschende Rolle spielt (der Relativitätstheorie), ist die Quantenphysik bis heute philosophisch nicht zufriedenstellend verstanden.

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For a thing is altered when change of quality takes place; therefore either rest in its quality or change in the direction of the contrary may be called the contrary of this qualitative form of motion. In this way becoming white is the contrary of becoming black; there is alteration in the contrary direction, since a change of a qualitative nature takes place. 15 The term ‘to have’ is used in various senses. In the first place it is used with reference to habit or disposition or any other quality, for we are said to ‘have’ a piece of knowledge or a virtue.

Thus, man may be an animal, and biped, and domesticated, but these three predicates combine to form a unity. On the other hand, the predicates ‘white’, ‘man’, and ‘walking’ do not thus combine. Neither, therefore, if these three form the subject of an affirmation, nor if they form its predicate, is there any unity about that affirmation. In both cases the unity is linguistic, but not real.

Blindness is a ‘privative’, to be blind is to be in a state of privation, but is 35 not a ‘privative’. Moreover, if ‘blindness’ were equivalent to ‘being blind’, both would be predicated of the same subject; but though a man is said to be blind, he is by no means said to be blindness. To be in a state of ‘possession’ is, it appears, the opposite of being in a state of ‘privation’, just as ‘positives’ and ‘privatives’ themselves are opposite. There is the same type of antithesis in both cases; for just as blindness is opposed to sight, so is being blind opposed to having sight.

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