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Thema dieses Buches sind die philosophischen Probleme der Quantenphysik. Gäbe es allgemein akzeptierte Lösungen für diese, würde guy nicht mehr von Problemen sprechen. Die Quantenphysik funktioniert, sie funktioniert ausgezeichnet. Aber im Unterschied zu einer anderen ausgezeichnet funktionierenden physikalischen Theorie, in der eine absolute, unhintergehbare Naturkonstante eine alles beherrschende Rolle spielt (der Relativitätstheorie), ist die Quantenphysik bis heute philosophisch nicht zufriedenstellend verstanden.

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Once you've done that, all you have to do is establish what those units did, and that's relatively easy. 21 This is not, though, the usual criminal investigation of an ordinary police service such as the Australian Federal Police. Nor is the AFP funded to undertake such arduous, and of necessity, international work: You can't expect the local police to receive such an inquiry and to then follow it through with any sort of certainty. They may make some inquiries and may send off some letters, but I think the experience that we've gained is quite clear.

And clearly they require to be investigated. That would have been a logical extension of the functions of those personnel and that expertise that we'd managed to build up, which is now lost. Greenwood has followed the issue closely over the past decade and is certain that ' the anecdotal evidence is strong' that many Khmer Rouge, Afghani, Serb and Croat war criminals are living in Australia. '20 Both Greenwood and Graham Blewitt are certain that such an inquiry would confirm that mass killers from many recent conflicts are indeed living in Australia, often as citizens.

And having established that group, well then you would try and make inquiries from the other end to find out what they did when they were there. For example, whether there's any record of them joining paramilitary units. If you've got some names, then you've got the possibility of making inquiries with co-operative govermnents. If these people were in these paramilitary units, there would have been records of them joining up and being paid, and it could well be that records do exist from which you could identify these people as belonging to certain units.

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